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What's With All the SPAM?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the rapid increase in junk email flooding the inbox? I've installed  SPAM filters to block all the typical SPAM emails that everyone makes fun of, but within the past year, I seem to be getting a ton of SPAM and it just keeps coming. I guarantee that I have not opted-in to lists to receive communication from the following:

  • Casino Loco Panda
  • Mesh Patch Lawsuit Center (sent via - seems to a suspicious sender)
  • ZQuiet (sent via - another suspicious sender)
  • AM Fast Cash Commissions
  • Lint Lizard (sent via QBCE Media - another suspicious sender)
  • Sleep Connect (sent via - another suspicious sender)

And the list could go on and on. I have not opted-in to any of these lists or given them permission to communicate with me via email. It's apparent that some of these companies are using the same email service provider or email SPAM provider. The worst part is that I have unsubscribed to many of these SPAM emails and yet I still continue to receive their unwanted email.

Will I ever buy any of the products coming through email in this manner? Absolutely not. This is a classic example of why purchasing email addresses from a list provider is a bad idea. Don't do it - you'll be wasting your time and money. Permission-based email marketing is an incredible channel that works, but people are falling victim to vendors that could care less about permission. It's just a quick way to make a buck without helping you achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

The best practice for email marketing is to build your own permission-based list and respect the trust your subscribers have bestowed on you. Deliver value through the channel by sending personalized and relevant communications. Let's band together to maintain email marketing integrity and help each other avoid SPAM traps.