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Video & Motion Graphics Production on a Budget

Video and Motion Graphics have really taken off. We all know that video can engage your customers in a much more personal way and can tell a story in a visually appealing format. As online video becomes a more important component in any effective online brand experience, we have ramped up our production capabilities to meet the demand. At our Irvine location, we have our own stage, lights, HD video camera and audio equipment. Depending on the scale of the project, we can also film offsite at larger studios or come directly to the client.

In contrast to popular belief, video production does not have to break the bank. Whether we shoot real action footage with actors in the studio or on location, or create an entire video from still images and custom graphics, an appropriate and effective concept can impact, tell the story, and deliver the desired results.

During the concept phase, the script and storyboards are developed and the associated production costs, budget and time frame are kept in mind. Here are some samples of cost-effective video production approaches we have used with various clients over the past year.


With a tight budget and aggressive timeline, we used our own video stage, took several thousand individual still pictures and created this Stop Motion Video. Some of our own staff were happy and eager to participate as actors, and we wouldn't be surprised if some of them had a future in Hollywood.


Here we were faced with another tight budget. This video was created from scratch. No actual video footage was used, but instead we created illustrations and animated these using video production software to tell the story.


These Targus product demo videos are being used by the client to showcase their innovative products on the web. Time to market, costs and scalability of the videos was top priority for the client. We work with Targus on a monthly schedule, creating several product demo videos at one time.