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Boost Your Email Clicks With These Simple Steps

Boost Your Email Clicks With These Simple Steps

Today’s email marketers need to pull out all the stops to drive up conversion rates. Looking to give yourself an edge? Here are some simple ways to make your email newsletters practically irresistible.

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Lead with a compelling subject line

According to Campaign Monitor, email users receive more than 120 emails each day. However, 30-40% of them never see the light of day—some get ignored while others are unceremoniously deleted. This makes it more difficult for marketers to stand out from the competition and lure in their customers. So how do you grab attention right off the bat? It’s quite simple: steer clear of bland and uninteresting subject lines and go for clear and actionable ones.

Marketers should insert keywords in their subject lines that inspire immediate action. There are numerous keywords that have been proven to generate more impressions and clicks from users. For instance, injecting words like “invitation,” “introducing,” “special,” “sale,” and “new” boost click-through and open rates of senders by up to 15%. Experts also suggest highlighting benefits in the subject line to nudge users to take action. But senders must not forget the importance of simplicity—so keep subject lines to 60 characters or fewer. And don’t forget to aim for brevity when crafting opening liners to avoid getting glossed over in the inbox.

Offer options for social sharing

According to HubSpot, embedding social profiles in email campaigns increased click-through rates big time. Inserting social sharing buttons alone can actually boost clicks to more than 30-55%. Not only does it increase click-through rates, but it also helps redirect traffic to senders’ social profiles. Indeed, including sharing buttons helps businesses extend their reach outside the inbox and capture more quality leads.

Social sharing buttons come in multiple forms, such as follow buttons, share buttons, mention buttons, or message buttons. Some marketers also integrate timeline widgets into their email campaigns to show users their account activities in real-time. Just make sure these buttons are noticeable and eye-catching to generate the clicks they deserve.

Establish authority with testimonials

Sometimes customers just need a little nudge. To push them into making a purchase, downloading resources, or filling up the newsletter forms, senders must first establish authority and earn their customers' trust. This can be done by simply inserting social proof. Featuring reviews and testimonials is a great way to increase click-through rates in emails and boost conversions up to 34%.

Indeed, customers are more likely to perform an action when senders integrate customer reviews. But social proof doesn’t just include customer testimonials. It also extends to product ratings, press mentions, and industry awards. So including it can definitely add to senders’ credibility and convince customers to perform an action.

Incorporate multiple content formats

At least 76% of marketers revealed that inserting reels into their campaigns significantly improved their email performance. According to Campaign Monitor, video content increased their click-through rates by more than 65%. It has also been shown to boost open rates to over 96%. For consumers, reels are more visually appealing and attractive than plain text and images.

Among the video platforms that marketers commonly use, Vimeo has shown the highest click-through rate with 8.1%, followed by YouTube with 6.6%. However, businesses don’t always have to embed their video content onto their campaigns. They can also use GIFs, thumbnails, or screen captures linked to these videos.

Put CTAs at the forefront

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are one of the most important elements of any email. So make them as visible as possible to readers by incorporating directional or visual cues in the layout or imagery. Furthermore, when creating CTAs, make sure to use language that encourages action (Offer ends soon, 4 items left, etc.). No doubt, CTAs that create a sense of urgency are likely to yield higher conversion rates.

Keep things simple

When crafting email campaigns, refrain from inserting unnecessary elements that might distract or confuse users. It’s crucial to be intentional with the components you present to keep click-through rates from dropping. Campaigns with fewer frills actually generate more impressions and conversions than ones with too much information.

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