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Another Reason To Go Digital

Seriously, the USPS is again raising the price of stamps ? Is this the agency's attempt to offset their losses and try to win back the hearts of the more traditional letter writers? This rate increase is only going to make things worse for the dying enterprise. I still can't believe we have Saturday delivery. I guess I have to give the good ol' Pony Express credit for trying to prove their relevancy in a technology-driven world.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting the occasional letter from my elderly family members who are scared to death of the computer, but that is rather rare. Most of the time, I walk right past the mailbox without checking it cause all it is is junk mail and property tax bills...both of which I could do without. The holiday season is probably the saving grace of the USPS and while I love getting all the happy family photo cards around Christmas, many of my friends and family members have moved to producing digital photo cards sent via email, Facebook photo cards in which they tag their friends and family and even YouTube and Instagram video Christmas cards. With this new rate increase, I too am ditching the mailed Christmas cards next year cause believe you me, there are plenty of things I would rather spend my money on than stamps.

The USPS is in a sticky situation. Snail mail volume has plummeted as many of us prefer to connect and message people via social channels, email or text. With digital signature apps you don't need to mail a letter anymore to get a signature. You can organize and plan an entire party or event online. Many magazines have launched tablet versions and some have even moved away from their print versions all together. You can pay almost every bill online and even send gift cards via email and social channels. Oh, and to be honest, I prefer UPS and FedEx cause I can trust my package will get to its destination on time (and their marketing is pretty awesome too).

Enough ranting. My point is this: The message will always matter, but the delivery of that message has and will continue to change. If we do not accept change, we will not evolve. While I do enjoy getting a cute thank you card or eye-catching marketing piece in the mail, the things you can do these days with email, personalized microsites, apps and social channels are pretty innovative. Next time you think you need to throw down the bucks for a direct mail campaign or pick up stamps for your party invites, think about the other more cost-saving and digitally-savvy options.

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