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Social Monitoring Reveals HUGE Opportunities

By now, most brands are active within relevant social marketing channels. And they should be. Social marketing offers brands another means to connect and engage with their current customers and reach potential customers and new partners. Social marketing offers brands the ability to showcase their culture -- the lifestyle behind the brand -- and offer resources, special offers, contests, and content beyond what can be found on their website.

But there is more than just posting and sharing when it comes to social marketing. The real opportunities lie in listening. When brands effectively monitor brand mentions, relevant keywords/search terms and conversations, they are able to find and target key influencers, engage in more meaningful conversations and uncover new ideas for content, contests and targeted campaigns.

Here are a few key examples of what social monitoring can do for brands:

Enhance PR Strategy

Through advanced search options incorporating targeted keywords and phrases, brands can uncover and shape story opportunities and build lists of influential bloggers to reach out to about their products, services or specific campaigns. Take a look at the conversation found via the blogs below. Looking at the high number of impressions (47,140), authority ranking (6.71), and relevant content, these bloggers would make for great contacts for a brand manufacturing building products.




Research & Refine

By implementing a solid social monitoring effort, brands can uncover what types of content are generating the greatest interaction/shares and produce more of this content for their social channels and their website. Brands can also discover what channels have the greatest impact and which are driving the greatest traffic. By monitoring their efforts, brands can also identify contacts following them based on their engagement levels and reach out to these fans to enhance those relationships. By breaking down the social profiles of followers and most-engaged fans, brands can also seek to build new, beneficial relationships. (See social profile expanded below)


Boost Customer Service Efforts

Many brands are recognizing the power of social channels for customer service. Some companies have even done away with 800 numbers and have set up specific Twitter handles for customer service issues. Responding to customers in a timely fashion and getting them the information they need via social channels is key when it comes to customer service. But by listening, brands can also determine the sentiment of conversations and be proactive in customer service and corporate communications efforts.

Create Quality Content & Boost Search Rankings

Again through listening, brands can explore first hand what their customers and potential customers are talking about and searching for. This can help brands and their marketing teams develop solid thought-leadership and search optimization strategies. By sifting through conversations and analyzing word themes, targeted content can be developed for custom landing pages, mobile ads, emails, blog posts and much more. (See word theme pulled from social search around building-industry client below)


Help Design

Effective Social Contest & Sweepstakes By monitoring word themes, social profiles and which channels generate the greatest interaction, brands can be more effective in how they design and launch their social contests and sweepstakes.

There is so much that can be discovered via social monitoring. If you're not actively monitoring your social efforts and conducting searches to uncover opportunities, you're missing out. If you are looking for a partner to help you in this department, give Rhythm a call at (949) 783-5000.