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How to Approach Content Development and Copywriting From a UX Perspective

Sometimes the best website user experiences are derived when the user goals are curated from a content strategy prior to writing actual content since the focus is on accessing information and engaging with it. This form of curation via the information architecture for site structure and user experience screen schematics can also be used for the content writing process as an outline that’s specific to the website. It ensures that the website isn’t retro-fitted to copy that is written in a manner that’s best suited for print – as in a linear process. HOW USER EXPERIENCE INFLUENCES BRAND STORYTELLING Creating
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What's On The iPhone of a Chief Creative Officer?

You can learn a lot about a person from their iPhone wallpaper and the apps that they use most often. Like an additional appendage, most of us are constantly attached to our smartphones, going into a state of hysteria should we leave the house without it. Our Chief Creative Officer is no different. Hannes Meyer never goes into a meeting without his iPhone 5 (unless he has a meeting with some big surf — then he favors his GoPro and being alone with his thoughts). Here’s a look at the top 5 mobile apps Hannes uses on an almost daily
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