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Market In Tune

Market In Tune

Let’s be honest. Marketing today is tough. Maybe tougher than ever. Unlike the not-so-distant analog past when the mastery of a few key marketing channels could bring brands wild success, today’s digital marketers face a kaleidoscopic array of communication options. And this staggering number of choices can sometimes (OK, almost all of the time) feel overwhelming. The good news? Our modern era has also brought us something our marketing forebears could only dream about – access to tons of customer and competitor data. But this presents another challenge…distilling vast amounts of information into actionable intelligence.

Turn Data Into Dollars

To harmonize the noise, Rhythm has developed the Tuning Method. It helps fine tune your inbound marketing efforts across seven key channels – Email, Organic Search, Paid Search, Display, Social, Referral, and Direct – so you can increase website traffic and steal market share from your top competitors.

The Tuning Method uses a data-driven approach to:

  • Calculate the combined market value among you and your top three competitors.
  • Look at each channel to see where you and your competitors are falling short of industry benchmarks.
  • Determine how much share your brand owns.
  • Identify channels not being fully utilized by you and your competitors.
  • Discover which channels your competitors are using to own more share than you.
  • Precisely tune each identified channel for a successful digital marketing program.

Take Control

In today’s digital marketplace, knowledge is revenue. To be successful, your brand must identify valuable opportunities and capitalize on them. However, doing so requires a deep understanding of your industry and the marketing tactics of your competition. That’s where Rhythm’s Tuning Method comes in.

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