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Omnichannel Medicare Open Enrollment Strategies

Omnichannel Medicare Open Enrollment Strategies

Medicare marketing has changed and rightly so. More and more baby boomers are consuming content online. According to Pew Research, nearly 82% of baby boomers are regular Internet users. And, contrary to what many think, boomers have on average 4 active social media accounts. And, health plan organizations are not only trying to connect with those 65 and older when it comes to medicare marketing. Today, Gen Xers and even Millenials are paying attention to the overall changes happening in Medicare and also doing their research when it comes to plan changes so they can help loved ones make informed decisions.

Baby Boomers Online Statistic

Now, while direct mail, traditional TV, OOH (Out Of Home) and print advertising are still very important channels to incorporate into an integrated Medicare marketing strategy, healthcare marketers need to include digital components that support and echo these efforts --creating a more effective omnichannel approach and connecting with a greater pool of targeted audiences.

Search Engine Marketing

Many Medicare marketers have incorporated PPC into their overall strategy bidding on the standard keywords searched by targeted audiences (i.e. Medicare, Medicare information, Medicare plans, etc.). At Rhythm, we work with clients to expand their thinking/targeting by using branded keywords, targeted non-brand keywords and more of a competitive conquesting approach using keywords associated with a health plan's competition to get our clients into the consideration set.

TIP: The Federal Government doesn't advertise. Bid on things like Center For Medicare Advocacy, and others.

GEO-Fencing & GEO-Targeting

Is your healthcare organization running or sponsoring an event that will draw many interested, potential members? This may be an ideal time to test out geo-fencing to serve messages and ads to those attending that event. You can also geo-target PPC ads to those in a very specific geographic location. TIP: Match the zip codes you are mailing to by geo-targeting your PPC efforts using the same zip codes. This will help to lift response of both your direct mail and PPC efforts.


With retargeting, everyone who has visited your website as a result of PPC or display (programmatic) efforts will again be served 'reminder' ads throughout the entire ad network. This is a great way to nurture prospects.

Digital Video Advertising

With YouTube still the #2 search engine, baby boomers and pretty much everyone else are spending time on YouTube digesting content and searching to find answers. This is why YouTube video advertising should be included in your Medicare Marketing strategy. There are many different YouTube advertising options and considering which will work best is really dependant on the story you are telling and the audience you want to get in front of. Rhythm can definitely help with this.

TIP: Edit down your Medicare TV spot into a :15 sec spot or take your radio spot and use the audio over animated imagery.  Link ads to a dedicated landing page and run these ads before and during the Medicare AEP.  You can also run these video ads via social networks.

Email Marketing

Nurturing leads through email marketing is a no-brainer. Set up drip campaigns to those who have converted on your site and dedicated landing pages. Already have email addresses of past Medicare plan members who may have lapsed OR email addresses with birth-date data (reach out to those turning 65)? Reach out to get these guys to Age-In or switch back to the plans you are offering.

Social Media

Medicare marketers must be experimenting with both organic and paid efforts via social channels. Create a solid organic content calendar based on relevant information that would be of interest to those searching for Medicare plans. Use tools like Reddit, Quora, and social listening tools to identify content ideas. Amplify organic efforts by running paid media via social channels and take advantage of the powerful targeting to reach the right people with the right message.

TIP: Include Age-In marketing with your Medicare AEP efforts. On Facebook/Instagram, create lead-generation ads that target those who are within your specific geographic region, currently age 64 with an upcoming birthday.

Resources: Social Media Matters For Baby Boomers (Forbes, March 2018)