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5 Analytics Tools To Boost Ad Performance

5 Analytics Tools To Boost Ad Performance

Spot potential problems, uncover consumer trends, and track ad performance in real-time with the help of these advanced analytics solutions. 

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If you’re managing different ads across multiple communication channels, it can be hard to keep track of each one. Fortunately, there are many analytics platforms that you can tap into to monitor your advertising efforts and maximize impact.

We’ve rounded up 5 analytics solutions you can use to efficiently monitor, manage, and optimize your paid media campaigns. 

Google Analytics

If you’re not ready to shell out big bucks for premium-priced applications, there are free programs you can use that are just as good as subscription-based ones. Google Analytics is a perfect example. This robust platform boasts a terrific lineup of features—from channel grouping abilities, to detailed audience reporting capabilities, to in-depth goal tracking features.

You won’t have a hard time tracking, managing, and assessing the performance of your ads across multiple channels with its set of advanced features and easy-to-use modules. With Google Analytics, you can even get your hands on critical consumer data, such as user acquisition data, the consumers’ demographic and psychographic information, and user behavior data, their behavioral information—which are important in optimizing your ad performance and enhancing your targeting parameters.

Furthermore, this powerful platform, which is used alongside Google Ads, has a multi-channel funnels feature, which offers comprehensive reports on user conversion paths. The multi-channel funnels reporting shows clear breakdowns of the length, path, and method of conversions, helping you better understand user behavior at a more granular level. Google Analytics also has a premium version called Google Analytics 360, which costs $150,000 per year. 

Sprinklr Modern Advertising

Sprinklr Modern Advertising is robust, dependable, and without a doubt effective. This is the reason why industry heavyweights like Microsoft, Philips, and Prada prefer to use this powerful solution over other platforms. Sprinklr Modern Advertising boasts an automated and streamlined workflow, boosting productivity within teams and departments.

You can speed up the process of ad creation thanks to its intuitive interfaces, shareable dashboards, and centralized creative libraries. This platform also generates insights with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), optimizing budget and bidding strategies with little to no human intervention. Aside from that, you won’t have a hard time identifying new audiences through its automated targeting capabilities. Sprinklr Modern Advertising can be integrated into other leading solutions like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Kochava, and more.  


Metamarkets has an answer to your every question. Metamarkets is an award-winning analytics solution that offers real-time, revenue-driving insights about your media campaigns—complete with detailed visualizations, of course. Metamarkets can show why your numbers are taking a hit and offer tailored recommendations to improve them. You can even send queries regarding your campaigns and it will provide answers in just a matter of seconds.


This interactive platform also empowers fast decision-making, as it provides access to important information like bidding performance. Through this special bidding feature, you can see your bidding activities in real-time and help improve your strategies in the process to reduce revenue leaks. Aside from these interactive features, Metamarkets also has helpful filtering systems and data comparison tools to view and assess your data based on what you really want to know regarding your ad performance. 

MarinOne Insights

MarinOne Insights is a product of Marine Software, a well-known ad management platform. If you’re looking for an enterprise-level application, MarinOne Insights is a suitable choice. With this subscription-based software, expect to get audience-centric data and tailored recommendations for your campaigns. From ad optimization to budget management, MarinOne Insights offers top-of-the-line insights that are designed to enhance ad performance based on your defined objectives. You can also get your hands on a downloadable file of the insights and reports for quicker implementation. 

NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is a popular market research platform used by prominent brands and agencies such as Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers Inc., and Microsoft. NetBase Quid’s analytics tool boasts AI-powered market intelligence that can equip you with accurate data about your consumers. Through its extensive resources—sourced from companies, news, and blogs—you can easily explore critical information including your competitors’ performance, which can give you an edge.

Through NetBase Quid, you can also develop a deeper understanding of your consumers at a granular level. You can build multi-dimensional profiles of your target audience to deliver more targeted, hyper-personalized campaigns. Aside from that, NetBase Quid can let you spot trends from afar, buying you time to build a fool-proof game plan for your ads.

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