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Create More Content Unicorns

Create More Content Unicorns

Yes, we all know unicorns are mythical creatures - the things of fairy tales. But yet, we are all fascinated by these creatures and all secretly long to spot one (no matter what age). They symbolize magic, radiance, new opportunity. I assume that is why many successful startups are referred to as unicorns. When it comes to content marketing, we all should be trying to create unicorns - basically, pieces of magical content.

What is magical content, or what Joe Pulizzi refers to as Epic Content? Well, magical content is content that gets crazy shares, huge engagement and presents numerous opportunities to stretch that engagement over time.

So how do we create unicorns? Some tips:


Study up on the topic you want to cover. Have your search team provide insights on what topics, questions, trends are generating the greatest search volume. Maybe take a look at sites that would inspire ideas like Buzzsumo or Reddit to see top articles around certain topics. Use social listening tools to uncover questions people are asking in your industry vertical - answer those questions. Find out when hashtags just begin to grow and see if there is an opportunity to jump on trends via new content.


When producing your content, always ask yourself..."is this shareworthy?" Would you yourself want to share it?  We all inherently know why people share things. We share things that provide others value while making us look good, we share things that make people laugh, that elicit emotion or stir passion.


Take a look at Google Analytics to see which pages, which pieces of content, which posts are getting the most views/clicks/comments. Do the same by looking at your social insights. Why is this content getting these levels of engagement?


Once you have determined those unicorns, think of other pieces you can produce that may explore that topic in greater detail. Maybe you can do a follow-up piece or two? What about tweaking that content to be a guest post on another site? Maybe a video interview on that topic? If you have a unicorn, create a unicorn sequel.


Tweak and republish unicorns on other networks like Reddit, Digg, LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, etc. The more places you share your unicorns, the more likely they will continue to drive engagement for your brand and traffic to your site.


Take a look at your content and see which pieces are getting the most engagement, shares, likes and put some $ behind those pieces to drive even more engagement. Social posts with numerous likes and comments get ranked as high quality content and the higher your content quality score, the lower your cpc or cpm. There are so many things you can do to create content unicorns and stop wasting your time producing content donkeys (*thanks @LarryKim). So get to it - start creating more unicorns and baby unicorns and see your engagement soar.

7 Tips for Telling Content Unicorns from Content Donkeys Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream