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Crappy Offer = Crappy Conversions.

Crappy Offer = Crappy Conversions.

There are a few basic tips when it comes to effective lead pages (landing pages, conversion pages). The basics are, well basic. Pretty much fundamental knowledge and yet it seems like it is easy to find really bad examples of lead pages and harder to find ones to model.

First, why dedicated lead pages? Because your ultimate goal is to capture data, most often an email address so that you can reach out and hopefully make a sale or get them to take a specific action (sign up for something, attend an event, etc.). An email address is to business success like tortilla chips are to salsa – you can’t have one with out the other.  I mean honestly, tortilla chips without salsa are just sad.



The offer is THE most important part of your page. Your offer has to be compelling enough for someone to want to give you their email address. It may be wise to do some research, to really reach out to see what your audience would like from you. Also, the audience you are targeting matters and the offer may differ depending on whether the audience is a cold or warm audience. Another thing that I see on many lead pages is that the offer is listed, but there is no copy explaining WHY someone would want what you are offering. You need to communicate the benefit behind the offer and not just WHAT the offer is.  And I have to end with this, changing the color of a button, adding a different image or testing alternative copy really won't make a difference if you have a crappy offer. You know what they say, a polished turd is still a turd.

Crappy Offer Meme


You’ve probably heard Keep It Simple Stupid, but when we are talking about lead pages, we can’t emphasize enough that you need to really Keep It Stupid Simple. You don’t need a ton of copy - we all know that everyone is pressed for time and skimming is the way we read. Get to the point faster, in a more precise manner. Consider using imagery and video when you can – visuals are no longer supporting actors, they now play more of a lead role. Consider hiring an expert copywriter or at least having a copywriter look at your page. When you think you are done with the copy and have broken it down as much as you can, make one last attempt to see if you can break it down even further.


  • Make sure the design is clean, simple, not cluttered, aligned with the brand
  • The first thing the visitor sees has to capture their attention
  • Have a designer look at your page – get their feedback
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize for mobile


As with pretty much anything in marketing, test. Test different variations. Test the headline. Test a different offer. Test long-form copy as compared to short, bulleted out copy. Test an option with a video versus copy. Testing will help you really understand what works for your audience so you get better at designing lead pages and offers over time.

Rhythm works with many brands on their inbound marketing strategies and creates unique experiences for different audiences, different customers or prospective customer segmentations. Dedicated lead pages are an area we specialize in. We analyze data and do deep discovery to help brands come up with compelling and valuable offers. We then consider the customer journey when we design and develop lead pages that convert and ultimately help brands drive more business. If you are ready to talk to Rhythm about your lead generation goals, please reach out to us today!

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