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Facebook Ad Targeting: Now Target Tourists On The Go

Facebook Ad Targeting: Now Target Tourists On The Go

If you are looking to reach a very specific audience with your message, Facebook ads are the way to go.  At the close of Q1 2015, Facebook reported 1.44 billion users.  All of these 1 billion+ users have provided Facebook with such specific details about what they like, where they live, their relationship status, their age, purchasing behavior, etc. With that data, marketers can be very specific when it comes to who they want to target with their message. But now, Facebook has opened the door to even more precise location targeting. NOTE: These options can be found in Power Editor and the ad create tool.

New Facebook Ad Location Targeting Options Include:

  • Target by physical address. You used to be able to (and still can) target by country, state, city and zip, but now you can actually input an address and select a radius around that location to target people who live near that location.
  • Exclude by physical address. You can now exclude people by address. For example, let's say you have promotions running in only specific you can exclude locations that are not participating in the promotions so that your message will not be shown to those who would not be able to participate. Or maybe you just want to exclude people you don't New York Yankee fans.
  • Target permanent residents or visitors. Now you can select if you only want to target the "permanent" residents of that location or if you want to run a campaign only for those visiting. If you live more than 100 miles outside of a specific city, Facebook considers you a tourist. There is even an option to target frequent international travelers (as part of behaviors).


Just think of how these new capabilities could impact brick and mortar shops, restaurants, brands that frequently attend tradeshows, brands that take to the streets, performers who put on shows in different cities all the time and want to reach out to people in different cities. The opportunities really are pretty amazing when it comes to Facebook advertising. With these new updates and the already available targeting features like:

  • Life-Event targeting
  • Custom Audience targeting
  • Look-Alike audience targeting

Facebook advertising not only allows brands, but encourages them to be creative about how to layer their targeting options to direct ad messages to those who really care and have a propensity to act.

Have time for a funny read? Take a look at how this marketing pro took some time to test the power of Facebook targeting  by pulling a prank on his roommate. The ultimate Facebook targeted-ad prank.

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