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Content Sharing Checklist

So you have spent the time to create valuable, relevant content that your target audiences will go nuts over. Congratulations...the initial production of content can be the most challenging part. It’s kinda like making a commitment to go to the gym. Getting there is the hardest part, but once you're there you feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Now that you have the content, what steps can you take to promote your content? What can you do to share this content with those most interested and generate new leads?

There are many things you can do. Here is a checklist you may find helpful. Print it out and pin it somewhere front and center. Hey, share this post (valuable content) with others who may find this checklist helpful.


Social Sharing

✅ Include Like button, Google +1, LinkedIn share, Pin this and other social sharing buttons where the content lives. Make it easy for people to share.

✅ When you publish a new blog post, whitepaper, video, radio show, etc., tell people about it on your social channels. Link back to the content.

✅ On LinkedIn, share the content with groups who would find this content relevant and valuable.

✅ Pin your content to an appropriate Pinterest board. Pin visuals/videos and in the comment area make sure to include hashtags like you would in Twitter (hashtags are searchable in Pinterest). Also make sure to include the url to where visitors can find additional resources/content.

✅ When you post to Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, ask people to share. A little ask doesn’t hurt.

✅ Tweet it out. See how you can leverage trending topics to gain more visibility.



✅ Share new content produced with your subscriber list. Design a weekly or monthly email (depends on how much content is being produced) that features all your new content. Ask subscribers to share your email.

✅ Create an internal email to educate all employees on new content produced. Encourage them to share this content with the customers they work with directly. For example, sharing content can serve as another touch point between sales representatives and customers.

✅ Connect with organizations/networking groups that target similar audiences that would find value in the content you produce. See if they produce email newsletters that you can publish/advertise within.


Paid Media

✅ Create ads in LinkedIn or Facebook that target groups that would be interested in your content.

✅ Did you create a webcast that is archived? Promote this webcast with paid ads.

✅ Develop Google AdWords and PPC campaigns. Bing is still a player too.

✅ Purchase ads promoting content within relevant publications.

Internal Employee Engagement

✅ Let internal employees know about the new content produced and talk to them about the value of sharing this content.

✅ Update email signatures to include links to new and most-viewed content.

✅ Provide sample tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates, etc. to employees - basically, make it easy for them to share content.

✅ Run contests that incentivize employee sharing.Maybe a monthly free lunch for the employee who provides the most suggestions for blog post topics or free vacation time for the employee who shares the most on social platforms.

✅ These are just a few helpful suggestions surrounding ways to share content. At Rhythm, we work with clients on their content sharing strategies and we make sure that they have the technologies in place to generate the greatest reach for their content. If you need help in this department, give us a shout today at 949.783.5000.