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Making Video Work for You

Video is hot. Technology has lowered the barriers of entry for companies to incorporate quality video productions into their marketing communications. Obviously, there are large corporate brands that shoot full-scale productions for national TV commercials but not all companies are able to afford the media buy associated with a campaign of that scale. If you're a marketer on a tighter budget, you can still make video work for you. Here's how you do it.

  1. Clearly define your idea. What story do you want to tell? Are you informing, persuading, training? What do you want to achieve and what should the viewer get out of watching your video? All of these concepts need to be solid before moving forward
  2. Determine your distribution channels. If you can afford major network television or cable TV, great, but don't stop there. Extend the value of your video through multiple channels. Does it make sense to feature it on your website? If not, how can you make it fit? Maybe you deliver a targeted email informing your audience of the video that links back to a private area of your website. Or perhaps you setup a microsite following the theme of the campaign. Rich media ads could also drive users back to your website or microsite. DVDs and CD-ROMs are another fantastic option. People tend to underestimate the power of disc media and discs are a perfect vehicle to distribute video content.
  3. Work with a vendor you can trust to produce the video. At Rhythm Interactive, we have our team of professionals that cover a wide variety of skill-sets. Our clients trust us to handle everything from start to finish and that's what we do. Peace of mind is worth more than gold. Here are some pictures from a recent video project we produced:

 Shooting in a green screen studio

 Shooting in a green screen studio

Shooting a kitchen scene on location

Shooting a classroom scene on location

Notice the green screen that allows for the subject to be placed into any environment you choose. I love this technology as the possibilities are endless. You would be surprised at how cost effective a shoot like this can be. Especially when you repurpose the content across a variety of media. Following the steps above and repurposing your content as much as possible will make video work for you!