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A Virtual Department Store Makeup Counter?

Many brands have made the shift to online marketing and are taking advantage of the many tools out there to connect with customers. I recently read an article about cosmetics companies using social media tools and interactive websites to reach out to consumers and help them find products that truly fit their needs. As a woman shopping for makeup, skincare and hair products that are high in quality, sometimes I see products and wonder what they could really do for ME personally.  L’Oreal Paris has created something that can help people like me who need information on new products and how to select products based on my skin tone, type, etc. The “Can I Help You?” section on is designed to take users on a step by step journey that will help them find hair color, skincare products, makeup and hair care products that suit them best. There is also the option to buy the products right on the spot, as well as use coupons for those purchases.  I went through the website, and the interactive experience definitely made me want to know more about their products. I was asked a series of questions and then was provided with customized matches for hair color, skin products, hair care and makeup. There is ‘expert advice’ available for each category of information, as well as videos and visuals to help you get looks seen on the pages. What I like most about the design is that they seem to have thought of everything: expert advice and tips, personalized results, ability to buy products immediately, lots of information, instructional videos and coupons. This is just the beginning of online experiences mimicking that of real-world situations, like going to the store and perusing the makeup counter.