Digital Disruption & The Creative Revolution

On a recent flight I decided to unplug for once and catch up on some reading. No, not on a Kindle or iPad, but flipping the slick pages of magazines that had stacked up on my desk. I really need to do this more often cause the content within was stimulating and got the neurons firing. The article that compelled me to pen this post was from Adweek and was titled Advertising Is Undergoing a Creative Revolution.  The basis of the article centered around how the rapid pace of digital disruption, constant technological advancements, and increasing consumer expectations have and will continue to put pressure on brands to transform, challenge the status quo and provide unique, valuable solutions to consumers - ultimately become disruptor brands.  And where does creative fit into transforming brands? Traditional creative paradigms need to be re-evaluated and creative teams need to use data and insights to take a more problem-solving approach to creativity. [caption id="attachment_2253" align="alignleft" width="600"]Evolved Creativity Quote Quote from Donald Chesnut, Global Chief Experience & Creative Officer for Publicis.Sapient[/caption] Just as businesses have to evolve to stay competitive, so too must creative departments. Creatives need to tear down old constructs and work together with key stakeholders, listen to customers, review and apply data, pay close attention to competitors and hone in on opportunities to revitalize brands and create change where change is desired. Donald Chesnut, the author of this piece, also shares his creative doctrine...

A Creative's Creed

The new creativity is the relentless pursuit of problem-tackling And not the endless pursuit of fame and award-stacking Rely on the openness to many inputs and involvements And avoid the black box of dated creative departments Live the imagineer mentality and creed An artistic approach, a creative doesn't need Shaping the future, a creative problem-solver's intention Circumvent relying on changing current convention Fall in love with problems, complications and intrusions And confront all issues with the love of solutions Creative disrupters value outcomes and wins Not executing solely on outcomes and whims Be inspired; break habits and norms, and don't yield Stop protecting your silo, an unchallenged comfort shield Do great work with a high stake And get over doing great work for great work's sake Embrace data, analytics and information The primary focus should not be your baseless intuition Be extremely agile, quick and don't stall Lest you get caught riding the proverbial waterfall
Follow Donald Chesnut Photo by Esther Jiao on Unsplash