Top 10 Signs That You May Need a New Website

Top 10 Signs That You May Need a New Website
  1. Gone are the days of Netscape and Internet Explorer ain't the only browser. If your website has a small footnote letting people know your site was built to be viewed in IE 6 - you may want to look at upgrading. Your website must be designed and tested for many different browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  2. You still think you need Flash to hang with the cool kids. Not anymore. Since Apple broke up with Flash, it may be time to start incorporating HTML5.
  3. Your idea of mixing in a little social means adding some clip art images of stick people smiling or at a party. No, you need to connect your social channels to your website. If you're asking yourself, "what do you mean by social channels?" to this I reply, "do you live under a rock?"
  4. If you need to wait more than two weeks to have your website developer make updates to content on your site, you not only need a new website with a custom CMS (content management solution), but you need to tell your website developer to find someone else to take advantage of.
  5. You Google your brand/name of your company and nothing comes up. Not good. If your site is not coming up in the top five search results, give us a call. Seriously, we can help you out.
  6. Stupid animations and sound effects. Why do you need these? They are annoying. Enough said.
  7. Your customers are mobile, but you aren't. If you have not optimized your website for mobile (or created a mobile app to target these customers and meet their needs), you're more than missing the boat. There are some simple ways you can work to optimize your site for mobile technologies - we can help.
  8. You're not generating leads. Your website is not only the online hub for your brand, but it should also be helping you to achieve your business goals. If you are not capturing customer information and closing the loop on new business, you need to step back and take a strong look into what's not working.
  9. Content is stale and old. If your content is never updated and pretty drab, why would anyone come back? You need to change things up and offer valuable, relevant content that drives people to return and to share.
  10. Misspellings, typos, old information, bad phone numbers, leadership pictures from the 1970s, broken links. All of these things make your visitors lose trust in your brand. Make sure you proof and proof again and make updates as needed.
Please visit The World's Worst Website , if only for a good laugh. If you are looking for a little help to revamp your website, we are here to help. Call Rhythm today at 949.783.5000.