Publishers Clearing House – Online?

We all remember the commercials – some unsuspecting lady in her pajamas answers the door and screams loudly. Ed Mac Mahon is there. She is then presented with that large white check, and we are all led to believe that it can happen to us. In the past, Publishers Clearing House used direct mail to reach its audiences, as well as TV ads.  Now the company has established an online presence to gain a larger audience, mostly of the younger crowd. This move shows PCH hopes to capture the attention and the wallets of young consumers, which make up the primary demographics for social media websites Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. If you ‘become a fan’ of PCH on Facebook, you are eligible to win a $100 gift card. As of today, there are 161 fans of Publishers Clearing House on Facebook. Twitter offers a similar option for its members, offering one gift card winner per month. There is also an iPhone application for PCH, to spark further interest in the sweepstakes. I was really surprised to see this company still going strong after all these years. Their slogan is “PCH Network – It’s All About Winning.” I wonder what kind of measurement techniques are in place to see how much of their new target audience they acquire. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future, and if they can re-vamp their brand through online marketing. PCH also has gaming websites to further encourage people to opt-in and participate in the sweepstakes: • • • If you think you could be a winner, then visit these websites and go for it!