Email Marketing

Technological advances continue to make email a valuable marketing tool. Not only does email offer the necessary flexibility to send targeted messages in strategic cycles, it allows for cost-effective follow up. In fact, industry reports continue to show that email marketing provides the highest return on investment for every dollar spent compared to all other marketing channels.

At Rhythm, we understand that email still plays a huge role in helping your brand connect with customers and prospects. We regularly incorporate email into our clients' marketing campaigns to encourage customer engagement and action.

Rhythm is an established ExactTarget reseller partner. ExactTarget (acquired by Salesforce) is a robust, yet simple to use email marketing platform designed for businesses of all sizes. Rhythm will set your brand up on the ExactTarget Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, train your team on the many features of the platform and have you up and running effective email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Services Include:

Email Marketing Strategy, Design and Development

Our comprehensive email marketing services include audience segmentation, customer journey planning, marketing automation, messaging strategy, email templates, subject line testing, and delivery day and time optimization.

Mobile Optimized Email Marketing

With more than 60% of emails being opened on a smartphone, thinking about mobile no longer applies to websites alone. We develop responsive email templates to ensure your prospects and customers can access your information and act on your CTAs wherever they are.

Email Marketing List Building

We focus on demand generation (a.k.a. lead generation) to help brands build their email marketing lists using an opt-in approach. Email list building is often done via the corporate website, co-op, social media, sweepstakes, events, and mobile activation.

Marketing Automation Email Campaigns

We develop triggered emails based on user behavior and business rules. We also produce abandoned cart recovery emails that pull users back to a brand's e-commerce website, customer retention and customer preference emails, welcome emails and more.

Deliverability and Readability Testing Across Devices and Email Providers

We build email templates and campaigns, and maintain the integrity of email accounts with ISPs to ensure emails achieve a strong delivery rate. We also ensure that emails convey the best brand experience possible, whether being opened and viewed on a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

Analytics and Reporting

We rigorously track and test email campaign subject lines, the best delivery days and times, content, calls-to-action, lead generation, online sales, time spent and more. We also review the data on all email sends to refine and enhance your overall email marketing campaign efforts.


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