How An Integrated Marketing Approach Gave NVISION A Clear Search Advantage

A Clear Difference

NVISION competes in a commodity space and wants to differentiate itself as a premium brand focused on people rather than healthcare/eyecare technology and price. And with more than half of their website visits occurring on smartphones, the site must be visually engaging on both mobile and desktop. Using this knowledge and their recently updated brand guidelines, we created an online interpretation of NVISION‘s new direction. The result is a people-focused, mobile-first website featuring a dramatically simplified user experience.

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The new NVISION site includes vertical funnels that quickly guide prospects to information about specific eye conditions and procedures. Inside these funnels, all of the educational materials, promotional offers and calls-to-action are available in one place to help prospects easily find the answers they need to make informed decisions. Geo-targeted location search also gives prospects the opportunity to learn about nearby centers through a detailed list of services and full staff biographies.

Integrated From The Outset

NVISION’s new website was optimized for search from the initial launch with top keywords in titles, H tags, main image alt tags and filenames, and schema markup for locations. Each of these SEO best practices continues to help drive organic search traffic to the site.

Rhythm also manages NVISION‘s paid search efforts, including PPC. To support and enhance NVlSlON’s integrated marketing strategy and garner greater insights around website visitors and paid search results, phone tracking functionality was also included — a crucial conversion metric in healthcare.

Thanks to Rhythm‘s integrated marketing approach, NVISION has effectively aligned their business goals to their user needs ensuring a clear path to success.


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