Rhythm creates effective brand experiences that move people to take action.

We achieve significant results for our clients by combining a strategy first approach with core digital service offerings including web, search, email, display, video, social, and apps.

  • Web

    Your brand's web presence is crucial to an effective integrated marketing strategy. As an Orange County digital marketing agency with decades of web design and web development experience, we deliver responsive web design and web development solutions that meet your strategic needs.

    Rhythm's Web Design and Web Development Services Include:

    • Responsive Web Design and Web Development
    • Microsites
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Online Content Strategy and Content Development
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration and Support
    • Analytics and Website Maintenance
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  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is not only a cost-effective way to engage with audiences, it also has the highest conversion rates and can be easily tracked, measured and refined. Our email marketing experts help create the most targeted and engaging email marketing campaigns that drive ROI and customer retention.

    Rhythm's Email Marketing Services Include:

    • Email Marketing Strategy, Design and Development
    • Mobile Optimized Email Marketing
    • Email List Building
    • Marketing Automation Email Campaigns (Salesforce Marketing Cloud / ExactTarget)
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  • Display/Online Advertising

    Online advertising is more than just catchy text and banner ads – it's fundamental to digital marketing. We leverage advanced targeting technology and best practices to manage digital advertising, rich media and video campaigns to deliver effective ROI across relevant websites.

    Rhythm's Online Advertising Services Include:

    • Online Media Planning and Media Buying (RTB, CPC, CPL, CPM, CPA)
    • Behavioral, Geo, Contextual Targeting
    • Online Ad Creative (Banners, Rich Media, Video)
    • Social Media Advertising
    • Conversion Tracking and Analytics
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  • Video & Audio Production

    Your brand can tell impactful stories and create emotional audience connections through video and audio. We produce corporate training videos, display advertising videos, social media channel-specific video content, testimonial videos, and website videos.

    Rhythm's Video and Audio Production Services Include:

    • Video Storyboarding and Script Writing
    • Video Casting
    • Studio and On-Location Shooting
    • Green Screen
    • Video Editing and Final File Formatting
    • Encoding and Compression for Web Streaming
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  • Social Media Marketing

    By actively participating in the social media space – both by engaging and listening – your brand can build stronger customer connections and solidify long-lasting relationships. Our social media marketing experts build brand awareness, fuel engagement and drive sales by influencing customer purchasing decisions and encouraging brand advocacy.

    Rhythm's Social Media Marketing Services Include:

    • Social Media Audits
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Paid Social Media Advertising
    • Social Media Management and Community Building
    • Social Media Contests and Sweepstakes
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  • App Development

    Apps allow your brand to directly connect with customers while supporting business goals and marketing efforts. An incredibly popular technology, people are currently spending more time in mobile apps than on the web itself. We design and develop mobile apps across different mobile devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Blackberry, as well as hybrid and HTML5. We also have deep experience with desktop app development.

    Rhythm's App Development Services Include:

    • iOS and Android App Development
    • Mobile App Integration with 3rd Party APIs
    • User Experience (UX) Strategy
    • Monetization Strategies
    • App Analytics
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