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How to Approach Content Development and Copywriting From a UX Perspective

Sometimes the best website user experiences are derived when the user goals are curated from a content strategy prior to writing actual content since the focus is on accessing information and engaging with it. This form of curation via the information architecture for site structure and user experience screen schematics can also be used for the content writing process as an outline that’s specific to the website. It ensures that the website isn’t retro-fitted to copy that is written in a manner that’s best suited for print – as in a linear process. HOW USER EXPERIENCE INFLUENCES BRAND STORYTELLING CreatingRead More >

Is Your Brand In Their Hand?

As people, we are mobile. It is part of our nature. We are always on the go and because of this, the shift to access information, connect with friends and interact with brands has gone mobile. Brands that ignore the mobile shift — those that don’t create engaging and valuable customer experiences incorporating mobile — will risk losing loyal customers and building relationships with new customers. Face The Facts More than 26% of global search traffic is being performed via mobile devices and that percentage increases year over year Today, nearly 40% of daily media consumption happens on a mobileRead More >

10 Tips To Make Google Go Gaga Over Your Brand

The most adored brands are most often the ones that go out of their way to create engaging customer experiences. Think Oakley, IBM and Hyundai. These are just a few brands that are always thinking of ways to provide more value to customers and potential customers. These brands are constantly striving to create new, unique forms of content to meet and exceed the desires of their fans and they know how to effectively integrate their marketing efforts to guide customers to this content. Another added bonus of creating valuable content and strategically driving people to that content? Search engines likeRead More >

Highlights from 2014 CES

It‘s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This year, I forced myself out of the office and walked the conference floor to see the latest and greatest in consumer electronics and technology. What a show! I’ve listed a number of highlights below to share my thoughts and opinions on what’s coming for the future and a couple of personal favorites. 3D Printing I saw at least a dozen companies exhibiting their 3D technology at the show. From big, high-end physical setups to cloud-based services to brands that desireRead More >

Traits to Look For in a Digital Marketing Agency Partner

For both brands and agencies alike, the agency selection process can be very similar to dating. Both parties head in with a little apprehension, feeling things out to make sure there’s a real chemistry before getting too serious. And for good reason. There’s a lot at stake. When a brand says "I do" to an agency, they are not only relying on that agency to deliver upon their promises, but trusting that partner to uphold their brand identity and value. In our 18 years of service, we have been on many dates with many different clients and on more thanRead More >

Another Reason To Go Digital

Seriously, the USPS is again raising the price of stamps ? Is this the agency’s attempt to offset their losses and try to win back the hearts of the more traditional letter writers? This rate increase is only going to make things worse for the dying enterprise. I still can’t believe we have Saturday delivery. I guess I have to give the good ol’ Pony Express credit for trying to prove their relevancy in a technology-driven world. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting the occasional letter from my elderly family members who are scared to death of the computer,Read More >

This Little Pig Launched His Own Green-Living Site

We all know the story of The Three Little Pigs , but do we know how this classic children’s story can help us develop our own brand stories or design a creative content marketing strategy? At our recent 2013 Integrated Marketing Forum, Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Director of the Media Psychology Research Center , used the example of The Three Little Pigs to show how brands can create more emotional bonds with customers/fans by expanding the brand’s story and providing more value to their target audiences. Dr. Rutledge coined the idea of giving a brand story more legs as Transmedia Storytelling:Read More >

Silverado Names Rhythm Interactive Digital Agency of Record

Silverado, based in Irvine, Calif. and specializing in assisted living, home and hospice care for dementia and alzheimer’s patients has named Rhythm Interactive its digital agency of record. Rhythm Interactive will work with Silverado to create effective brand experiences via digital channels starting with the redesign and launch of Silverado’s new website. By partnering with Rhythm Interactive, Silverado will be better suited to promote its mission and communicate its many services and resources to targeted audiences via integrated marketing efforts. Upon reviewing numerous RFPs and interviewing many different marketing agencies, Silverado was impressed with Rhythm’s demonstration of strategic thinking andRead More >

Please, Will You Primary Me?

By now, many of us with Gmail accounts have gotten used to the new inbox tabs. Personally, it saves me some time filtering between what is really important to read and what can wait. With all the daily deals I have signed up for and all the more promotional emails I get, it was getting hard to sift through it all. Oh Google, thanks to you I feel so better organized and my stress levels reduced…you’re always putting us first, thinking of new updates that will make us need you even more. But, from the professional marketer perspective, Google hasRead More >

If Content is King, Why is it Still an Afterthought for Many Brands?

While it’s often said that content is king, it’s generally treated like an archduke — significant for sure, but not paparazzi-worthy. Typically, a great deal of thought goes into the layout, look and feel of a website (as it should), while its content remains an afterthought — a component to be shoehorned in once the architecture is approved. Not only is this odd, it’s exactly backward. After all, the ultimate reason current and prospective customers visit a website is to gather information (content) on a company, product or service. What your company has to say (or not say) is vital.Read More >