Targus is the world's leading supplier of mobile computing carrying cases and accessories. With products in every major retail chain across the country, Targus has nearly limitless opportunities to stay in front of their customers, but what was missing was the story behind their products. This was a major red flag considering that their story is what differentiates Targus as a brand.

Rhythm was tasked with sharing the story.

To do so, we produced a series of compelling product demonstration videos to be displayed online and shared through various platforms to increase brand awareness, drive engagement and generate sales:

A large part of the project was our successful creation of a fluid working process that was reproducible on a very large scale. This enabled Rhythm to economically produce multiple videos for Targus on an ongoing basis. Of course, along the way we faced many challenges, including not knowing the products or the script until the day of each shoot - but in the end, we pulled it off.

Behind the scenes at the video shoot

Testimonial from Shaun Parvin, former Targus USA Web Marketing Manager:

And the results?

more likely to convert
more likely to buy
more likely to look for a store

That would be a bullseye.