AllCare Health is an integrated health organization headquartered in Southern Oregon. Owned and led by community physicians, they strive to make healthcare better and simpler for the people they serve. Under the guidance of Rhythm partners BrandingBusiness and Coates Kokes, AllCare recently reorganized their numerous health plans and services under a single brand entity called AllCare Health, Inc.

This restructuring and rebranding was a huge undertaking, but to ensure simplicity during and after the transition while maintaining a strong brand position, AllCare Health wanted to consolidate their seven public-facing websites (each with a different look and feel) into one new responsive website while communicating their new brand and service offerings to current and new patients.

Enter Rhythm.

Brand Book

Every website project presents a unique set of challenges, but when seven websites, a new brand and open enrollment are involved, there is a lot to consider.

To start, Rhythm swiftly created and launched a new microsite while the main website was still being planned. This temporary web presence allowed us to successfully introduce and explain the new AllCare Health brand to the community. It also helped AllCare Health establish SEO credibility and longevity on their new URL. Additionally, the microsite kept AllCare Health’s three main service lines (AllCare CCO – Medicaid plan; AllCare Advantage – Medicare plan; and AllCare PEBB – Public Employee plan) visible and accessible to the public during Open Enrollment periods.

Meanwhile, our Strategy team determined business and functional needs, operational opportunities, and most importantly, how to make things better and easier for AllCare Health’s current and future customers and team members. In the end, their findings led to the development of eight unique user personas that helped guide the creation of specific website content, navigational paths and supported the creative and targeting behind paid media campaigns.

The site on iPhones

Rhythm was responsible for managing the paid media efforts behind communicating the rebrand, new product lines and open enrollment. Rhythm designed and managed targeted campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pandora, Hulu, Google Ad Network, programmatic and native ads. In only one quarter, paid media resulted in 39,000 new website visits, 294 form submits, 353 phone calls and 3,865 total enrollments, not to mention increased overall traffic to the website.

Today, AllCare Health has a very attractive, intuitive website that provides an immersive user experience on every device type, a robust and flexible CMS that lets their marketing team easily add and edit content and targeted campaigns resulting in an ever-growing community of patients.