Shining The Light On Dark Mode

In the digital marketing world, the only constant is change. And one of the biggest changes of late is the arrival of dark mode. No passing fad, some 92 apps now support some form of this visual feature, including Gmail, Android, Windows 10 and Facebook. And the list is bound to grow as dark mode continues to rise in popularity among users. So what is dark mode anyway? If you’re still in the dark (pun intended) about all of this, dark mode is a new supplemental display mode for both desktop and handheld devices that swaps the typical white background
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A Beginner’s Guide to Alexa Skills

Chances are, you use a smart speaker, or you know someone who does. With as many as 53+ million adults owning smart speakers in America, that’s a pretty safe bet. It’s also safe to say that these voice recognition technologies are not just on the rise, they’re here to stay.  And as we all know, when electronic devices become embedded into our daily lives, brands will rush in. Which brings us to the next frontier in customer engagement:  Alexa Skills. Say the magic word Think of Alexa Skills as apps for your smart speaker. But unlike smartphone apps, each skill
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Will Proximity Marketing Ever Catch On?

The future is almost here. And while it doesn’t look like the Jetsons just yet, there are scores of incredible new technologies—from driverless cars, to smart homes, to virtual reality—that have moved beyond their first baby steps. iBeacon technology is one more infant to add to the list.  If you haven’t heard of iBeacon, you’re not alone. For a technology that promised to change shopping (and much more) forever, it has mostly disappointed so far.  So what is iBeacon? iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple that allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to transmit or receive data within small geographic ranges. It works
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AMP up Your Mobile Loading Speed

We’re constantly flooded with information these days, especially online. And with so many websites available to users, the difference between a second or two of page loading speed can greatly impact conversion and performance. On top of that, mobile usage continues to grow, making page loading speeds on handheld devices more critical than ever. So if the difference between a second or two can set your website apart from the competition (and it can!), and mobile usage is proliferating (and it is!), it’s time you familiarized yourself with AMP. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s an open standard backed
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Market In Tune

Let’s be honest. Marketing today is tough. Maybe tougher than ever. Unlike the not-so-distant analog past when the mastery of a few key marketing channels could bring brands wild success, today’s digital marketers face a kaleidoscopic array of communication options. And this staggering number of choices can sometimes (OK, almost all of the time) feel overwhelming. The good news? Our modern era has also brought us something our marketing forebears could only dream about – access to tons of customer and competitor data. But this presents another challenge…distilling vast amounts of information into actionable intelligence. Turn Data Into Dollars To
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So It’s Time For A New Website… Don’t Forget The Content

The typical business redesigns its website every 2 to 3 years. Assuming your business is typical (in this regard, not others), the time for a major site update is likely approaching. If so, great! Now’s the perfect opportunity to consider one of the most vital and overlooked components of your current (and soon-to-be improved) website – the content. Content? Whoopty do! That’s just the stuff that’s already on the site – just throw it back into the new one, right? That’s a negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full. Unless your current content is perfectly communicating, motivating and converting, it’s
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How To Make Your Quality Score Soar

Google hasn’t become one of the world’s most valuable brands by accident. It’s their relentless focus on delivering quality search results that continues to set them far apart from their ever-dwindling list of competitors. So when it comes to creating and managing your Google Ads campaign, it should come as no surprise that ad quality matters a great deal. In fact, high quality ads can lead to both increased ad ranking and lower cost-per-clicks. Quality Score: More Than A Number Google is continuously seeking to create a search experience that is relevant for users and profitable for advertisers. One way
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Augmented Reality Empowers Marketers

Is Augmented Reality The Real Deal?

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality. Queen was onto something (assuming they were singing about augmented reality). Because when it comes to this amazing new technology, it can be hard to know what to think. Is augmented reality the next big thing in marketing or the latest in a long line of overhyped duds (I’m looking at you Second Life and QR codes)? Well, the answer is probably situated somewhere between the two extremes. While AR is no magic bullet, it may just be a worthy projectile. But first things first,
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