Web Design and Web Development

A brand's website is the hub for sales and marketing efforts, and with the shift to mobile, successful websites must be functional across multiple platforms – this is why responsive web design and development is such a vital component of our service offerings.

At Rhythm, we focus on the user experience while ensuring no screen or device is left behind. Our strategic approach always balances brand and business needs, and typically includes stakeholder and user interviews, persona creation, detailed UX (User Experience) development, and user testing.

Web Design and Development Services Include:

Responsive Web Design

With responsive web design, websites can seamlessly switch between different screen sizes – from smartphones to tablets to laptops to desktops. This consistency between multiple screens is vital because sequential and same day screening has become commonplace.

Websites and Microsites (HTML/CSS Design and Development)

In addition to traditional and responsive websites, we also design and develop microsites that keep users focused on specific products or services by receiving and converting promotional traffic from search results, banner ads and social channels.

User Experience (UX)

A strong user experience improves customer satisfaction, reduces development costs and increases conversion rates. We ensure your digital products deliver an optimum user experience through a comprehensive list of UX consultancy services including UX design, prototyping, wireframes, and usability testing.


A prototype is an early model built to test a concept. We produce user experience, visual, and functional prototypes as part of our work process. These kinds of prototypes let our designers and developers explore design alternatives and confirm functionality prior to starting production.

Online Content Strategy and Content Development

A website is only as good as its content. By “telling not selling,” we help our clients drive profitable consumer action through the development of informative content that also aligns with overall brand voice and vision.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration and Support

Web design must often focus on demand generation and lead capture. When necessary, we can capture customer information and integrate it with any CRM and marketing automation systems our clients use (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.).

Analytics and Website Maintenance

All websites require routine maintenance to remain effective. We provide comprehensive website maintenance and analytics services to keep your website running smoothly. We're experts in using Google Analytics to help optimize your site's KPIs to drive conversions and increase ROI.

Blog Design and RSS Integration

Websites with fresh, insightful and SEO-rich content, including blogs, achieve higher search engine visibility and better rankings. We help design blogs that seamlessly integrate within new or existing sites.

Social Media Integration

We're always thinking of ways to further engage audiences. One way we do this is by integrating social media hooks into our UX to leverage greater engagement, fuel social interaction and spur the potential for user-generated content.


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