Social Media Marketing

Social marketing helps brands connect and engage with current and future customers and partners. It also gives brands the ability to showcase their culture — the lifestyle behind the brand — as well as offer resources, contests, and content beyond what can be found on their websites. Perhaps most importantly, social marketing allows brands to listen and engage with customers and partners by gathering direct feedback.

Social Media Marketing Services Include:

Social Marketing Audits

We perform social media audits for your brand, including a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Our social media audits help us identify the best social media channels for your brand as well as top industry and target audiences. They also help us develop and refine content and social media marketing strategies and tactics.

Social Marketing Strategy

Based on the results of our social marketing audits, we create social marketing strategies to meet defined objectives (e.g. awareness, qualified traffic, word of mouth, viral reach, SEO rankings and more).

Paid Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising services include social media planning, ad placements/promoted posts, demographic, geo psychographic and look-alike targeting, analytics tracking, and conversion optimization. Objectives may include paid and viral reach, engagement, qualified site traffic, online sales and more. Paid social advertising may include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog networks.

Community Building and Social Media Management

We can coach and train your internal resources or provide dedicated agency resources to focus on your brand's daily social engagement and respond to consumers across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the blogosphere, review sites and more. We also conduct influencer outreach programs on behalf of brands.

Social Media Contests, Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Need to build awareness of your brand or product offerings, or perhaps create an email opt-in list? We concept, create, launch and manage impactful social media contests and giveaways with your business goals in mind that are driven by organic and paid social media efforts.

Social Media Monitoring and Reputation Management

Are your customers taking about your brand in a positive or negative light? By monitoring social media conversations, we help your brand maintain a strong online reputation as well as identify opportunities for content, contests and more.

Competitive Analysis

It's always important to keep an eye on your competition. We perform audits of your competitors to assess their social marketing efforts including where they have a presence, fan/follower counts, fan and customer service engagement, content strategy, viral reach and more.

Social Media Analytics and Reporting

Is your brand a social butterfly? We provide analytics and reporting on social media trends including fan/follower growth, community engagement metrics, reach, frequency, and content opportunities.


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