Display/Online Advertising

Because display ads are only presented to individuals using certain websites or keywords, targeted online ads are an ideal way to direct messages to specific audiences. Unlike traditional media, the effectiveness of online display ads is also easy to track and measure.

Today, more than 90% of media consumption is screen based, and most consumers use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish goals. In fact, according to an internal study by Google, consumers who see a brand's online ad are:

  • 140% more likely to click on an organic search link
  • 136% more likely to search the brand's keywords
  • 86% more likely to click on a sponsored text ad

Display/Online Advertising Services Include:

Banners and Rich Media Ads

Professional and creative online messaging increases click-thru rates and strengthens your brand image. We design and develop effective online advertising including simple banners, interactive banners, rich media ads and more.

Online Media Planning and Media Buying (CPC, CPL, CPM, CPA)

We take a strategy-first approach to online media planning and buying. As part of our process, we conduct client discovery sessions to understand your business, industry, competitors, and target audience. We also conduct secondary research and review all available brand knowledge. This information helps us structure media plans that are scalable, trackable, efficient, and easy to optimize.

Display Ad Network Setup and Management

We select ad networks as part of our media strategy and planning recommendations. Display ad networks deliver ads to the most targeted and qualified audiences across a myriad of sites and include optimization of each campaign's particular objective – from leads to sales to brand awareness to returning site visitors via re-marketing.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Display Advertising

The online advertising space is becoming increasingly competitive and technical, and more inventory is being made available on ad exchanges. We drive your online advertising strategy and run your campaigns using RTB platforms to deliver sophisticated and efficient media targeting.

Contextual Targeting Ads

We develop contextual targeting ads including text, banners and video that are displayed alongside relevant content. These particular ads are targeted to users based on keywords and interest segments (e.g. a fishing rod ad alongside an article about saltwater fishing).

Behavior Targeting Ads

We develop behavior targeting ads that are served based on a user's on-site behavior, including type of websites visited and content engagement. An example of this particular form of targeting is serving online healthcare ads to consumers shopping for health insurance.

Demographic Targeting

We target demographically to ensure paid media/online advertising is reaching your brand's target audience. Attributes can include age, marital status, professional level, and income.

Geographic Targeting

We target geographically by zip code, city, county, DMA, state, and country level, including radius targeting (e.g. a 10 mile radius around Irvine in Orange County).

Social Media Advertising

We design, develop, manage and refine social-selling ads on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp and LinkedIn.

Conversion Tracking and Reporting

Lead generation and ROI are critical to your business, and conversion tracking is critical to optimization and media efficiencies. To address each, we ensure all our digital marketing includes an analytics scheme focused on conversion tracking and metrics like cost per lead (CPL) and cost per sale (CPS).


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