App Development

To remain relevant, leading companies are developing apps that connect with their customers and drive their marketing efforts. Successful apps aren't simply smaller desktop duplicates, they're powerful tools that provide utility and invite action.

At Rhythm, we field a talented team of application developers who continue to push the envelope day in and day out. Regardless of technology or platform, we build high-performance apps that are reliable, secure and user friendly.

Mobile App Services Include:

iOS and Android App Development

We design and develop custom apps across all popular platforms including but not limited to iOS and Android.

Mobile App Integration with 3rd Party APIs

We seamlessly integrate mobile apps with 3rd party APIs to provide functionality, tracking and analytics. Enhancing the user's experience, providing stakeholder insight, and speeding up application development and time-to-market are also key benefits of 3rd party API integration.

User Experience (UX) Strategy

As part of a user-centric approach to apps, our UX strategy follows and incorporates Human Interface Guidelines to ensure a consistent and enjoyable user experience.

Monetization Strategies

Apps have the potential to generate recurring revenue. We help develop app monetization strategies including paid apps, in-app purchases, in-app ads, freemium (gated services), and paywalls/subscriptions.

App Analytics

We use analytics tools including Flurry and Crashlytics to measure app usage, perform A/B testing, troubleshoot problems, and identify areas for monetization and user improvement.


We can rapidly build mobile application prototypes to help form more detailed understandings of how a final app might function.

Apple Pay Integration

We can seamlessly integrate Apple Pay into your iOS apps, which provides an easy, secure, and private way to pay for physical goods and services. By simply using Touch ID, users can quickly and securely provide all their payment and shipping information to check out with a single touch.

NFC Integration

Near Field Communication allows devices to detect when they are close to a tag and receive information from it. Whether activating app features when docking a phone on an NFC identified dock, reading data from an NFC enabled business card or remotely turning on home systems as you walk through the door, NFC is the future everyone is excited about.

Bluetooth and iBeacon Integration

iBeacons allow apps to trigger as users get near the beacon. They can be used to create digital scavenger hunts, tell a narrative story as users physically move through an environment and help guide uses to their seats at entertainment venues.

Mobile App Geofencing

With geofencing, mobile apps can be triggered as users enter and exit defined geographic locations. For example, if a child strays outside of their school and route home, an alert can be issued. Or if a user enters a mall, the day's sales for that location could appear.

Mobile App Testing

We thoroughly test our mobile apps before and after launch to ensure they work as intended across all required mobile devices and platforms.


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