How Digital Engagement Made Western Dental Smile

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How Digital Engagement Made Western Dental Smile


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Western Dental is one of California’s oldest dental providers. Beginning with a single office in Los Angeles, they’ve grown to become the largest dental practice management company in the West, with over 200 offices. In addition to locations throughout California, Arizona and Nevada, they also have affiliated offices in Texas under the name Brident Dental & Orthodontics.

Like all successful organizations, Western Dental and Brident actively strive to maintain their competitive advantages. Recently they determined that their outdated websites and search marketing strategies were overdue for a good cleaning and asked Rhythm for help.

Responsive Layouts

Our discovery process started with thorough audits of and Rhythm’s strategy team then determined business and functional needs, operational opportunities, and most importantly, how to improve the user experience for Western Dental and Brident’s new and returning patients, prospective employees, and website administrators. Our team’s findings ultimately helped guide new navigational paths, content development and visual design.

New responsive websites were then launched for Western Dental and Brident that are both visually appealing and feature intuitive navigation that quickly guides visitors to key information. Rhythm also optimized the sites for search, keeping Western Dental and Brident highly discoverable to current and future patients seeking dental and orthodontic services online, especially via mobile devices.

Pages on iPads

Rhythm’s SEO team also helped Western Dental and Brident compete with both national and local dental providers by modifying the “Find a Dentist” tool on each site to support location-based SEO. We also developed new location-specific content and highly-localized meta information for 40 select dental office pages.

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The results? Let’s just say they’re worth smiling about.

Western Dental experienced a 20% year-over-year increase in visitor sessions and a 26% increase in page views. Brident fared even better with a 71% increase in visitor sessions and a 62% increase in page views. Additionally, Western Dental’s optimized dental location pages experienced a 280% lift over non-optimized pages while Brident’s optimized dental location pages experienced a 422% lift!

year-over-year increase in visitor sessions for Western Dental
year-over-year increase in visitor sessions for Brident
lift in Western Dental's optimized location pages
lift in Brident's optimized location pages

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