How Rhythm Got Segway Simply Moving Online

Segway is a world-renowned leader in personal, green transportation. Since the company’s founding more than 15 years ago, they’ve continued to develop innovative products that transform the way people work, play and live. But while Segway’s vehicle designs have never stopped moving forward, their web presence had become stuck in neutral -

So Rhythm took the wheel.

Segway approached us to develop a new mobile-first website that would visually communicate their new brand while effectively engaging users. However, this project was more than just a website overhaul for the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation – there was far more at stake. Segway entrusted Rhythm to digitally introduce their new brand identity, expanded business divisions and new product lines in time for one of the largest global technology shows - CES 2016.

And we didn't disappoint.

Expanding upon new brand designs produced by our partner Blue C Advertising, Segway’s new website is both visually exciting and functionally proactive. The parallax design is clean and easy to navigate, inviting visitors on an experiential tour to learn more about Segway’s brand and its many offerings through fresh content and vibrant, adventurous imagery and video – all of which can be updated in real-time via the Umbraco Content Management System.

From the very start, Rhythm helped Segway identify conversion points throughout the site – from forms and click-to-calls to mailto links and video views – and made sure these were properly tracked and attributed from day one. The data and behaviors tracked through the site provide Segway with powerful consumer insights that can help enhance and refine their marketing strategies.


We also created an engaging tour section of the website that allows users to locate and book special Segway Personal Transporter (PT) Tours in their local areas. More than just a useful site feature, this tour booking tool helps generate revenue and exposure for Segway and its brand.

Open Graph Protocol

Finally, we added open graph tags to give Segway control over their social messaging and branding, a huge benefit in our 24/7 social environment.

Today, fittingly enough, Segway has a website experience that’s simply moving. And with phase two just around the corner, new pages, content and e-commerce functionality are slated to be added, ensuring that Segway’s online presence never stops progressing, just like its cutting-edge products.


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