How Digital Integration Churned Success For Schreiber

Schreiber Foods is one of the world’s largest dairy companies. Starting from a single production facility in 1945, they now have more than 7,000 employees on five continents, and partnerships with leading retailers, restaurants and distributors across the globe. In other words, this once tiny manufacturer from Green Bay, Wisconsin is now the big cheese.

Needless to say, Schreiber didn’t get where they are by standing still. They’re always developing new products, new packaging and new services. Further supporting their commitment to evolve and stay current, they recently undertook a strategic rebranding with BrandingBusiness (a Rhythm partner) that we then executed in the digital space.

Rhythm stepped in to redesign, redevelop, and most importantly, reimagine Schreiber’s web presence.

To really understand Schreiber’s business, culture and people, Rhythm headed to their Green Bay headquarters. Our visit reinforced the fact that Schreiber’s existing website was dated and failed to reflect Schreiber’s modern new look or truly connect with their key audiences — recruits, prospects, customers, and the communities within Schreiber’s global footprint.

So we reimagined the possibilities.

Our goal was to create a dynamic, modern experience that cut through the competitive clutter. The new site needed to be a robust embodiment of the Schreiber brand while acting as the central resource for users. Above all, it had to be easy to navigate, simple to understand, and needed to connect on an emotional level.

We began by working within existing style guides to give the new website a modern look and feel that communicated innovation and forward thinking. We did so with a minimalistic design treatment that received rave reviews.

We then carried that innovative essence to the site’s “left side” navigation, a true departure from traditional horizontal navigation that gives users a much better browsing experience by allowing them to see all sub pages within each category. Site users can now hover or select each category to see all that Schreiber has to offer at a glance. From a business perspective, this structure is also future proof by giving Schreiber the flexibility to add more site pages later without affecting the navigation.

Because Schreiber has a large amount of diverse content, we created templates that can work across a variety of site pages. A new job board was also developed by the Rhythm Team and incorporated into the site to help Schreiber’s ongoing recruitment efforts.

Our search and social teams were also involved early in the process to ensure positive results at launch and well into the future as Rhythm continues to support Schreiber’s SEO, social media and site maintenance moving forward.

Finally, we built the new website on an Umbraco CMS platform, giving Schreiber the ability to manage future site updates. Schreiber’s new website is also responsive, making it accessible via desktop and mobile devices.

To make a long story short, Rhythm’s integrated approach gave Schreiber a winning website that looks great, attracts talented recruits and drives business. The result? The big cheese on land is now one online as well.


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