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How Revana Revved It Up With Rhythm

Revana provides a suite of software and services that enables medical imaging centers to operate more efficiently and profitably. Rhythm was approached by RiechesBaird (Revana's branding agency), one of our branding partners, to collaborate on the production of a video.

But not just any video.

We were tasked with introducing Revana to the world. To accomplish this feat, we concepted, storyboarded and produced a motion graphics video featuring professional voiceover, animated screen graphics, music, and captivating imagery. To maximize the video's effectiveness, we even developed it in modular segments so that it can be easily repurposed in the future.


Animated Vimeo video

Screen Designs:

Screen Design Page 1Screen Design Page 2Screen Design Page 3Screen Design Page 4Screen Design Page 5Screen Design Page 6Screen Design Page 7Screen Design Page 8

Working with ReichesBaird and Revana proved to be a great experience. Each brought something unique to the table: RiechesBaird provided the branding background, Revana the product knowledge, and Rhythm delivered the video expertise. In the end, the video was wildly effective and provided Revana with a revved up introduction to the medical imaging world.


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