Because Open Space is About More Than Technology

Protecting and preserving open space has been the mission of the Irvine Company since 1897 when they donated several hundred acres of land to the people of Orange County to enjoy. In an effort to build awareness around their commitment to preservation and tell their story and the story behind The Irvine Ranch, the Irvine Company decided to create an experience to engage, inform and inspire residents and partners.

The result is a visual and compelling story captured in the form of a responsive website.

iPad, iPhone and iMac devices

The website's combination of technology-driven features married with beautiful design tells a captivating story and creates an intimate user connection. The website mimics a more personalized app-like experience, is optimized for search and features a custom content management system allowing the client to manage the entire site.

This was a very high-profile project for the Irvine Company and the website has received nothing but amazing feedback from not only those associated with the Irvine Company but also from the greater general public.

Magazine page - Gift
Magazine page - History
Magazine page - Explore
Magazine page - Land

The overall design - including the brand identity, imagery, colors and fonts - was developed by Rhythm partner, Blue C. The partnership between the two agencies proves that with a little Rhythm & Blues, dreams can become reality.


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