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#SMMW13 Key Influencers Share Their Top Social Marketing Tips

More than 1,100 marketing professionals crowded the conference rooms at Social Media Marketing World which kicked off on Monday, April 8, 2013. Attendees traveled from around the globe (I had the privilege of helping checkin and met people from Pakistan, Turkey, Australia, Spain and pretty much all the states) to come to San Diego to hear what the top marketing and social media strategists had to share around topics including (but definitely not limited to): How to optimize your social channels for lead generation How to create customers for life by informing more and promoting less Content marketing secrets to
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Instagram is the New Facebook

#instagramisthenewfacebook Props to Facebook for purchasing Instagram because now while many are experiencing Facebook fatigue, Instagram is blowing up. Recently, I too decided to take a Facebook hiatus and have replaced the gapping hole left in my heart with Instagram. I was tired of filtering through ads and promoted page posts on Facebook and have since found a new friend in Instagram’s simplicity. Apparently, I am not alone. In just a little more than three years since its initial launch in October 2010, Instagram has grown to 100 million monthly active users (another reason Facebook bought the company). Now that
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Pinterest: Cute as a Button

Hosting a baby shower or birthday party is similar to developing a creative campaign. Throughout all touch points, the theme must be well integrated for an effective experience. The invitation is the first touch point with your audience and sets the tone for the entire party. Then the experience continues once your audience is at the party, engaging with the food, decorations, games and overall atmosphere. And finally, the post experience occurs when they receive the thank you card. As a marketer, it’s critical that I throw amazing parties that become effective experiences for my audiences. After all, I need
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